Enhancements planned for a new Mount Royal Village

Mount Royal Village Rendering

Redevelopment plans for Mount Royal Village

When Mount Royal Village opened its doors back in 1979 it was the place for boutique shopping and high-end retailers in Calgary.

Over the years, shops have moved in and out as time has taken its toll on the brick building, yet Steeps and Oasis Spa continue to call the village home. With recent plans announced to revitalize the area, this old hot spot might have a chance at reclaiming its place as a destination in Calgary’s Retail & Entertainment District.

First Capital has earmarked $10 Million towards redevelopment of the 85,000 sq. ft. shopping village and there are additional plans to develop the area surrounding 17th Avenue and 8th street SW. The enhancements planned will forever change the face of 17th Avenue and provide a retail landscape never before seen in this area.

The first phase of redevelopment is set to begin this spring with turnover to tenants in the later part of the year. The new Mount Royal Village hopes to attract desirable tenants including fashion retailers, high-end services, coffee shops, restaurants and medical/professional groups.

Phase 2 Redevelopment between 8th and 9th street SW.

Phase 2 Redevelopment on 16th Ave between 8th and 9th street SW.

The second phase is likely 3-4 years out with building permits still in the works. Plans include a new 30,000 sq. ft. building set west of Mount Royal Village between 8th and 9th street that will include underground parking, a high-end grocer on the main level, a home retailer, and various services. There’s also the potential of a top floor gym.

With plans for a public park close to Caffe Beano and a 30 storey multilevel residential dwelling, Calgary’s Retail & Entertainment is sure to see a boost in pedestrian traffic as well as an increase in the business mix within this already vibrant area.  Let us know what kind of business you’d like to see set up shop in Mount Royal Village.


Find it on 17th – 880 16th AVE SW

15 Responses to “Enhancements planned for a new Mount Royal Village”
  1. Bob -

    What about a movie theatre also. Having the same old possibilities of a bank, restaurant, hair salon, liquor store are predictable. Also include somthing for residents in the neighbourhood so walking is possible and people don’t drive to it only as a destination.

    • 17th Ave -

      That’s a great idea bob. A movie theatre would be a great amenity for residents in the beltline. The more we can provide for residents in the area so they don’t have to drive out to find it, the better.

  2. Kyla Anderson -

    Any chance the “high end grocer” is going to be a “Whole Foods Market”?

    • 17th Ave -

      There hasn’t been any confirmation yet on who the grocer will be but I think that’s a pretty good guess.

  3. Babak Karimian -

    I second the movie theatre. Calgary is seriously lacking theatres downtown. More restaurants and bars won’t hurt either 🙂

    Whole foods would be awesome to have. Let’s make it happen!

    • Brian -

      I also echo the desire for a movie theatre. The beltline needs a theatre, and with eau claire undergoing redevelopment there will be an inevitable interim phase where downtown Calgary has no theatre at all (beyond the art house Globe Theatre, which is small but adored). Plus, a theatre will attract a consistent flow of consumers to help populate other retail establishments.

  4. Julius Corsino -

    A hotel with a variety of restaurants would be a great addition to the area.

  5. Joyce -

    Don’t you all think there are plenty of restaurants and bars on 17th Ave? What the avenue needs is more retail and a high end grocer like the Bite in Inglewood.
    How about a neighborhood hardware store a butcher and fish monger.
    that is what my Mount Royal Village would ideally look like.

    • 17th Ave -

      Thanks for your feedback Joyce. You’ll be happy to hear that there is an Urban Fare coming to 17th Ave in 2014 so check back often for updates about what’s coming to the avenue.

  6. Kevin Prentice -

    No more pubs or bars please

  7. Tony -

    I’d really like to see a Johnny Rockets Diner set up shop there as for retail I’d like to see a Muji, Loding, Massimo Dutti or Zara Home

  8. Jay -

    Dance club for 40’s & older.

  9. Alex -

    Movie theatre would do well in that area!!


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